Course details

【4】 Eat luxury course course 11 items + premium all you can drink 2 hours! 7000 yen

【4】 Eat luxury course course 11 items + premium all you can drink 2 hours! 7000 yen

7000 yen

  • 11items
  • 3100persons
All-you-can-drink available

Premium all-you-can-eat 120 minutes LO 30 minutes front seat 2-hour system

Reservation deadline
Visit of hope the day before until 23:00
Available days for reservation
Monday - Sunday - Public holidays - Holidays

I would like to have a meal in a luxurious way ... Please spend it at a superb family.All seats are fully equipped with moats.The atmosphere of the room boasts a calm wooden structure.We offer seasonal ingredients plentifully.

Course menu

We will show you all seats in a private room from 2 people to 100 people.

Including seasonal ingredients plentifully, premium shochu, premium drinks with plentiful fruit liquor and draft beer are all-you-can-eat for 2 hours.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are not satisfied with the ingredients you are not good at.

Cooking is an example.

We will use the seasonal ingredients to create a menu while responding to customer's requests etc.

■ appetizer

■ Special selection Sendai beef sukiyaki or beef tenderloin shabu-shabu

■ Ankake mushrooms

■ Snow crab vinegar

■ Sendai specialty Grilled beef tongue

Seasonal Western style pottery

■ Seasonal fish caught in the Sanriku area Big fish Assorted sashimi

■ Seasonal vegetables and seasonal ingredients Tengoku Ra

■ pickles

■ Lunch in a pan

■ season of desserts

There is the case of the menu change by stocking ※

All-you-can-drink menu

· There is Ebisu beer.Sapporo barrel live black label as well
- White peach wholesale sour / pear wholesale sour / natsudaidai Sour / Shikuwasa Sour / Ramunesawa / lemon sour / lime Sour / freshly squeezed orange / freshly squeezed grapefruit
· Gin tonic / Jinbac / Moscow / screw driver / cassis orange / calamilk / cassis milk / peach milk etc
· 【Sake】 Ichinomiya Inspected Dry / Hakkaisan / Japan Takami / Ariga Star / Wind Forest / Atago Pine etc. · · · It may be changed depending on the season and purchase time
· 【Potato】 Angel's ladder · Yamato sweet potato · Kurose · Rosa de Pura · bright farm village · sea · whale · Mitake · Satsuma beauty · red monkey 【wheat】 peppermint · Amakusa
- Plum wine, fruit wine
· 【Plum wine】 Jewels Kimpo plum wine / Plum wine of Koshimasa / Kishu honey plum wine / Plum wine of Shirakaga 【Fruit wine】 Anguro sake / Indigo sake / Plum restaurant Yuzu sake / Akegoshi peach sake / Akagase mandarin / Liquor/
Whisky Wine
· Suntory angle (water split · lock) / horn high ball / cork high / ginger high / summer citrus hai / pear high / white peach high / pine hi / yu mind high / kiwi high / wine red · white
·Soft drink
Oolong tea / green tea / cola / gingerjael / orange juice / grapefruit juice / orange juice / tomato juice / pine juice

2018/10/03 update