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3500 yen

Deal plan that you can use on Sundays and holidays! Food is solid 8 items.It is structured to satisfy both volume, quality, together.All banquet with private room and creative cuisine.We are well received by companies.We will prepare a private room according to the number of people so please feel free to call us.

Innality closed payday closed 0 0

Du's retreat home

Special Course for Sun and Public Holiday only!

We have prepared a special course of 3500 yen.

It is eight items of volume full mark.

As well as plenty of drinks, of course, Sapporo draft beer, as well as all-you-can-drink beef with sake of sake!

■ pot with domestic cattle

■ crab sauce egg custard

■ fresh fish carpaccio

■ Beef Stew

Grilled broiled chicken ■

■ Hanpen Pen Natto Deep-fried

■ Tamari pickled Chinese yam

■ Pot Deep Kitakami Ramen

Option is also Onza.

◆ + 300 yen for all you can drink 30 minutes extension.

1 hour extension at +500 yen.

The maximum extension time ※ is ordered and up to one hour.

※ there may not be accepted by the booking situation.

◆ + the contents of the all-you-can-drink for 500 yen jewels can grade up.

Beer is Ebisu barrels, sake such as Hakkaisan, Takami, Atago pine etc.Shochu is a rich farming village, whale, Mikake, etc. Premium shochu ... fruit liquor, high balls will also be rich in variety.

For those who are committed to drinking, I highly recommend this place.