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■ Sun / Holidays only! Including pot with sapporo raw, Tamami Takami also drinks! 8 meals + 120 minutes drinking and drinking 3500 yen

■ Sun / Holidays only! Including pot with sapporo raw, Tamami Takami also drinks! 8 meals + 120 minutes drinking and drinking 3500 yen

By using a coupon3500 yen

  • 8items
  • 3100persons
All-you-can-drink available

All you can drink 120 minutes Last order 30 minutes before your seat 2 hour system

Reservation deadline
Coming to the store until the day 15 of the desired date
Available days for reservation
Sunday and holidays

Sunday, holiday only! Food is solid 8 items.It is structured to satisfy both volume, quality, together.All banquet with private room and creative cuisine.We are well received by companies.We will prepare a private room according to the number of people so please feel free to call us.Miyagi 's local sake, "Ichinoshibo" "Nitami Takami" with a casual drink as well as all - you - can - drinks.

Course menu

Sunday and public holidays only.

Because it became a bit chilly, so is a pot too!

Volume It is a solid 8 items.

As well as plenty of drinks, of course, Sapporo draft beer, Ichinosuke sake, Nippon Takami is all you can drink!

■ pot with domestic cattle

■ crab sauce egg custard

■ Fresh fish carpaccio salad

■ Beef Stew

Grilled broiled chicken ■

■ Hanpen Pen Natto Deep-fried

■ Tamari pickled Chinese yam

■ Pot Deep Kitakami Ramen

Option is also Onza.

◆ + 300 yen for all you can drink 30 minutes extension.

1 hour extension at +500 yen.

The maximum extension time ※ is ordered and up to one hour.

※ there may not be accepted by the booking situation.

◆ + the contents of the all-you-can-drink for 500 yen jewels can grade up.

There are a lot of local wines such as Ebisu barrels, sake, Ichinoko, Hachihama, Hakara star, Asago noodle etc. Shochu is rich in premium distilled spirits such as bright rural areas, Mt.· · · Fruit wine, high balls will also be rich in variety.

For those who are committed to drinking, I highly recommend this place.

All-you-can-drink menu

·draft beer
· Draft beer (Sapporo barrel raw black label)
· White peach grated sour / pear grated sour / summer makan sour / shower trees sour / lemon sour / lime sour / freshly squeezed orange / freshly squeezed grapefruit / calp sour / oolong hi / green tea high
High ball (corner)
· Horn Angle High Ball / Cork High Ball / Ginger High Ball / White Peach High Ball / Pear High Ball / Kiwi High Ball / Summer Making High Ball / Yuzu Honey High Ball
· Sake, plum wine
· Brewery <Ichinomiya (Miyagi)> · Cold Sake <Miyagi (Miyagi)> / Plum wine
· Korean Shochu Kagami moon / wheat yakaichi / ladder angel's ladder (oolong tea split, water split, hot water split, raw lemon, Umeboshi,)
·house wine
, Red, and white
· Suntory angle (water split · lock)
·plum wine
· Plum wine (rock · water split · hot water split · soda cracker)
· Gin tonic / Moscow pure / Reggae punch / Screwdriver / Bulldog / Samurai / Cassis oolong / Cassis orange / Kalua milk / Cassis milk / Peach milk · · · Other
·Soft drink
Oolong tea / green tea / cola / gingeraeal / orange juice / grapefruit juice / Calpis

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